Aftermarket seats have long been used in the automotive industry, and not just for accident repair or replacement. Their increasing popularity for customising vehicles is seeing a steady rise in their use.

And for many seat covers, that’s a problem.

Regardless of whether you think aftermarket parts match up to (or even surpass) the original quality, there’s no arguing that aftermarket seats can be very different to any seat your vehicle’s had prior. And that means covers designed for that car seat may no longer do the job.

Luckily, there’s a flexible solution that’s able to do the job for your seat, irrespective of its shape and size.

Long-Lasting Seat Protection for Your Aftermarket Seat

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle’s equipped with an aftermarket seat; it still needs protection. And if you’ve gone out of your way to specially install one,

that need becomes doubly critical – your seat’s still vulnerable to dirt, dust, grime, food or liquids, and just about any other substance you can think of.

That’s where a Black Duck car seat cover can save you.

While other seat covers are made especially for original car seating only, Black Duck covers include a range that caters specifically to aftermarket seats. These covers are just as tough, just as comfortable and just as safe < other Black Duck seat cover.

you’ve been looking for an aftermarket car seat cover that’s up to the job of protecting your seat, you’ve found it.

No Nonsense Covers for Aftermarket Seats


Our canvas seat covers are made from thick, 12oz canvas. They’re designed to take a beating and keep coming back for more. The heavy denim seat covers will also protect your seat from practically everything.


Each cover’s built to deliver long-lasting protection to your seat, even in tough Aussie conditions. The canvas covers will take all the punishment you give them from long or short hauls. Our denim covers are almost as enduring as the heavy-duty canvas and tough enough to take your worst for years to come.


These seat covers are designed by Australians, built by Australians and especially for the brutal Australian conditions. So while everything else might be covered in mud or dust, your seats stay in mint condition when sporting seat covers like these.


For each model of car seat cover, the vehicle’s specifications and safety is carefully considered. The cover is designed and custom-built with your vehicle in mind, and is tested and certified to work with vehicles that have seat-fitted side airbags.


gives your rear what it’s screaming out for. The tough canvas seat covers are designed with comfort in mind and sit snugly around your seats. But if you’re making long runs in the bus or van, you might need an extra level of comfort. Our denim seat covers are super strong but add a layer of foam that gives you a softer ride every time.

Keep Your #1 Asset Comfortable

Whether it’s a replacement or a custom addition, your aftermarket seat needs cover. Make the investment to protect yourself and a valuable part of your vehicle with a tough, stylish Black Duck seat cover.

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