Farming’s a dirty business.
Crops and dust fly everywhere. Grease and oil are a part of daily life in the fields. And the extreme Australian conditions, from the burning sun, monsoonal rain or gale-force winds sums up everything that’s great and unyielding about our country. 

Through it all, your tractor keeps on going. The last thing you want to worry about is your tractor seat. 

An industrial site is no different. Rubble’s strewn everywhere, steel and timber fragments litter the place, and a layer of dust coats every tool, machine and man. That debris ends up on and in your cab time and time again, making it a dirty, uncomfortable place to sit and hurting the resale value of the vehicle. 

Don’t let your seat get damaged like that.

Seat Covers Worth Investing In

Spending hours in the cab is part of the job. But with a Black Duck seat cover, your rear gets a welcome break from being plonked down in a bare seat.

With the denim seat cover, you also get a foam layer for extra comfort, cushioning you from bumpy rides. 

Your seat also gets premium protection from the elements - sun, rain or hail - and all the man-made mess you can throw at it.

The daily wear and tear bounces off the tough canvas or denim, ensuring the seat stays in perfect condition and an important part of your big asset is protected.

Seat Covers Built Specially for Your Tractor


Black Duck canvas seatcovers are made from thick, 12oz canvas designed to deliver industrial protection for your tractor seat. The heavy denim seat covers also protect your seat from practically everything.


Every seat cover you buy from Bad Duck is rigorously developed for safety and compatibility with your vehicle’s airbags. Certified so your vehicle’s ANCAP rating isn’t compromised, each cover is also manufactured to be fully compliant with ADR standards.


Each cover is built to deliver long-lasting protection to your seat, even in the toughest Aussie conditions. The canvas covers will take daily punishment, whether you’re out in the fields or on an industrial site. Our denim covers are almost as enduring, and tough enough to take your worst for years to come.


Whether you’re on a dusty construction site or in muddy fields, your seat’s protected. Both canvas and denim seat covers repel dust, are water resistant and handle mess in all its many forms with ease.


The tough canvas seat covers are designed with comfort in mind and sit snugly around your tractor seat. But if you’re spending hours in the fields or on a site, you might need an extra level of comfort. Our denim seat covers are super strong, but add a layer of foam that gives you a softer ride.


Don’t get a generic seat cover that makes controlling your tractor a nightmare. A customised Black Duck seat cover perfectly moulds itself to your seat, giving you the freedom to move and operate your tractor as you need to.

Protect a Small (But Important) Part of Your Big Asset

Your tractor’s a big part of your business. Make the investment to protect your asset with a tough, stylish Black Duck seat cover.

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