Just like utes and smaller commercial vehicles, the interior of your truck or bus can say a lot about your business. 

What’s yours saying right now?
Are the seats clean and comfortable? Or spotted and stained with dirt, sweat, built-up grime… and the coffee stain from last week, where you had to brake sharply to avoid hitting the idiot in front of you? 

A messy interior - and especially messy, stained seats - hurts your image. They also hurt the resale value of the vehicle when it comes time to trade in or buy a new one. 

Truck and bus seats are especially prone to that “jump in / jump out” wear and tear. After all, that’s exactly what they’re used for. 

You don’t want to risk your seats getting damaged. And you don’t have to.

Commercial Grade Protection for Your Truck & Bus Seats

Black Duck bus and truck seat covers provide the protection your seats need from the mass of mess that gets thrown at them every day. 

Whether it’s the ever-present streaks of dirt and grime, fading from UV rays, coffee and food smears or even sweat stains, there’s an entire host of mess and debris waiting to irreversibly tarnish your seats. 

Suitable for most larger vehicles, from semi trucks, school or community buses, smaller freight trucks or even council vehicles, these seat covers have got your back… literally. 

They also add a classy touch to your vehicle’s interior.

Seat Covers Built for Every Type of Bus & Truck


Black Duck canvas seat covers are made from thick, 12oz canvas designed to deliver commercial grade protection for your vehicle. The denim seat covers are also a heavy material that will protect your seat from practically everything.


Each cover is built to deliver long-lasting protection to your seat, even in the toughest Aussie conditions. The canvas covers will take daily punishment from busing, delivery runs and freight hauls without a wince. Our denim covers are almost as enduring, and more than tough enough to take your worst for years to come.


Whether you’re on a dusty construction site, a mud-strewn mining operation or a sodden city street, your seats are protected. Both canvas and denim seat covers repel dust, are water resistant and handle mess with ease.


The tough canvas seat covers are designed with comfort in mind and sit snugly around your seats. But if you’re making long runs in the bus or truck, you might need an extra level of comfort. Our denim seat covers are super strong, but add a layer of foam that gives you a softer ride every time.


Every seat cover you buy from Bad Duck is rigorously developed for safety and compatibility with your vehicle’s airbags. Certified so your vehicle’s ANCAP rating isn’t compromised, each cover is also manufactured to be fully compliant with ADR standards.

Protect Your Prime Asset in Style

Your truck or bus is a big part of your business. Make the investment to protect your asset with a tough and stylish Black Duck seat cover. 

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