You love getting away in the 4WD. Whether it’s camping, fishing, hardcore 4x4, beach bashing or just going bush, there’s nothing better. But when you’re in nature, your car seats are often home to more than just your rear. Dust, mud, grime, sweat - maybe even the odd bit of blood - are going to be smearing your trusty 4x4’s seats.

You also love your ute or commercial vehicle. It’s the workhorse that gets you round and powers your business. And while riding round town isn’t anything like going outback, your seats still take a beating. Coffee stains, sweat, general grime, even just jumping in and out all the time means faster wear and tear.

Protecting your seats from all that crap (and protecting your vehicle as a long-term investment) is easy to do. And it doesn’t involve cleaning yourself off or sitting on towels every time you get in.

We’re talking about a car seat cover that’s as tough as you are.

Designed for Durability. Created for Comfort.

In the hot Australian conditions, leather and vinyl seat covers don’t work… unless you enjoy peeling yourself from the seat every time you sit down. In relentlessly hot temperatures, vinyl’s also prone to cracking. 

That’s why canvas is the perfect material for 4x4s, utes and small commercial vehicles in Aussie conditions. 

Canvas is tougher. It lasts longer. It’ll resist rips, laugh at tears and make a mockery of mess. It’s waterproof, dustproof and kid-proof. 

It’s the perfect companion for your seats when you’re spending a weekend out in the middle of nowhere. It’s the ideal partner for getting to work or running round town. 

But if you’re spending extra time in the car and need a touch more comfort, our tough denim seat covers might fit the bill even better. While not as durable as canvas, the heavy-duty fabric takes mess without flinching. A layer of high density foam makes those longer drives a pleasure for your back and bum.

Seat Covers Built for Aussie Conditions


Our canvas seat covers are made from thick, 12oz canvas. They’re designed to take a beating and keep coming back for more. The heavy denim seat covers will also protect your seat from practically everything.


Your canvas seat cover isn’t built to last, it’s built to outlast. The canvas will last years of weekend expeditions, runs to the construction site or to-and-fro between the office. Our denim covers aren’t quite as enduring, but are more than tough enough to take your worst for years to come.


These seat covers are designed by Australians, built by Australians and especially for the brutal Australian conditions. So while everything else might be covered in mud or dust, your seats stay in mint condition when sporting seat covers like these.


For each model of car seat cover, the vehicle’s specifications and safety is carefully considered. The cover is designed and custom-built with your vehicle in mind, and is tested and certified to work with vehicles that have seat-fitted side airbags.


The canvas covers are designed with comfort in mind and sit snugly around your seats. But if you’re running around in a ute all day long or taking the cruiser way out back, you might want an extra level of comfort. Our denim seat covers are tough as nails, but include a layer of foam that gives your rear what it’s screaming out for.

Keep the Mud Outside

Your 4x4 might be a mud pig. Your ute may be covered in dust. But with a Black Duck seat cover, that mud stays on the outside of your vehicle and off your seats.

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