6 Things to Know When Choosing the Best Seat Cover


Your vehicle’s seats are an investment. And not just financially.

A messy, worn out seat can be a discomfort (or even pain) to sit on. And that’s not to mention the off-putting sight of a seat littered with dirt or crumbs and plastered fading mud stains.

If you’re going to do your best to protect your vehicle’s seats from whatever the world and you throw at them - not to mention keeping them comfortable to sit on - you need to have the right seat cover for the right seat.

So, before you grab the first seat cover you can find, here are the 6 things you need to know so you get the best car seat cover for your vehicle.

1. Type of Vehicle

The first factor for your seat cover is the vehicle (and seat) size. A 4WD’s seat is completely different from a tractor’s. And bus seat is different again from a long-haul rig. 

While this seems obvious and will only take you a second, it’s important. Grabbing a bus seat cover when you meant to buy a car seat cover isn’t just a little embarrassing, it’s time and money you’ve lost trying to sort out a return or refund (if you can).

2. Make and Model

Just like no type of vehicle is the same, it’s almost unheard of to find different makes and models of a type of vehicle sharing the same seats. In fact, even the various models produced by a single car maker can throw up a multitude of ever-so-slightly-changed seats  (unless you’re driving a Ford in the near future)

Custom seat covers for your car’s make and model can often be found, which means a better, more comfortable fit.

3. What’s Ending Up On Your Seats

Doing the daily school run in the 4x4 is a little less harsh on your seats than packing a bunch of best friends in and going out bush. Knowing what your seats are up against (or what you’re already throwing at them) can determine what’s the best car seat cover for your needs. 

For example, the maximum protection given by a canvas cover is a must for any vehicle used for industrial or extreme recreational purposes. For seats that don’t take a beating mess-wise, a more comfortable denim cover might be used instead.

4. Access to Controls

Especially important if you’re driving a truck, tractor or other vehicle that has more or different controls than your usual car, bus or van. 

The wrong car seat cover can actually impede your access to all the vehicle’s controls, making it more difficult to drive and a risk every time you go to use it. A custom seat cover is the safest way of making sure you can access everything you need, every time.

5. Safety

Access to controls may not be much of an issue in most vehicles, but safety certainly is. The wrong sort of seat cover could render some of your vehicle’s safety features useless in an accident. Side-fitted airbags are a prime example of where a generic, ill-fitted seat cover could stop the airbags from fully firing.

6. Material

While we touched on this in Point 3, it’s worth repeating. If you have a preference for a certain material, that’s going to play a part in the seat cover you buy.

Once you know these 6 vital factors, you’ll be in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing the best car seat cover for your vehicle.

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