How to Clean Canvas Seat Covers


Your Black Duck canvas seat cover isn’t just a shield for your seat, it’s a great investment. 

But unlike a term deposit or long-term bonds, this investment requires a little “hands on” care every so often.

Why should I clean my car seat cover?

The 12 oz canvas in a Black Duck seat cover is thickly impenetrable, and it’ll protect your seat from anything and everything you can throw at it. 

However, if you ARE dumping dirt, sweat, grime and any other debris onto the seat from weekend getaways or work activities, you’re going to see some build-up. A few marks. And a lot of dirt and grime you can’t actually see. But don’t worry, these are only on the outside: nothing gets through a Black Duck cover. 

Still, if the thought of sitting in your own muck is annoying you, or you just want your seat covers looking somewhere near their best again, it’s worth giving them a good clean. That goes double if they’ve been copping a heavy beating over the past few months. 

So how do you clean your canvas seat cover? It’s a simple process, so let’s walk through it.

How to Clean Your Canvas Seat Covers: Step-by-Step

1. Vacuum all loose dirt and dust off your seat cover

Do this periodically, even if you don’t do the other steps. Just vacuuming gets rid of a lot of the dirt and other bits and pieces that sit on the cover.

If that’s all you need right now, you’re done! Of course, every now and then you’re going to have to give the seat cover a good clean. If it’s time to do that, keep going through steps 2 to 6.

2. Remove the cover from the seat

Easy to do. Nuff said.

3. Clean the cover

Make sure you clean the seat cover with cold, running water and a soft cloth. You can also use a soft bristle brush. That’s it.

Word of warning: do NOT put your cover through a machine wash or dry clean. A bit of elbow grease and water is all you need.

4. Run the dirt off the car seat covers.

Carefully run the dirt and other grime off the outward-facing side of the cover with more water. By doing this, you don’t dirty the clean, seat-facing side of the seat cover.

5. Let the cover dry

Just lay the cover out somewhere and let it completely dry out.

Note: the cover may fade slightly after cleaning, but there’s nothing to fear, it’s still the same, fortress-like cover you’ve enjoyed from Day 1.

6. Re-fit your canvas seat cover

Once your cover’s completely dry, re-fit it to the seat and you’re good to go.

Voila! Clean canvas cover ready to go

And that’s how you clean a canvas seat cover. You’ve now got a Black Duck cover ready to repel another round of dirt and filth.

Got any questions or concerns about how you do this? Get in touch and we’ll help you out.