Which Seat Cover Material Do You Prefer?


If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of the need for a good car seat cover or two (or more!) for your vehicle. 

They protect your seats from damage (in whatever form it comes), protect the value of the vehicle and make sure your ride stays a comfortable one for many years. 

Some of the most common seat cover materials used are vinyl, leather, sheepskin, canvas and denim. But there’s a big difference between them, with each having different pros and cons. That’s what we’re going to dig into today.

Vinyl Car Seat Covers

The good news with vinyl is that it’s waterproof, easy to clean and cheap. But it’s probably not the best seat cover for Australian conditions. 

Why? Because it gets uncomfortably warm and sticky in hot conditions (and that describes 99% of Australia in Summer… and even a good chunk of it outside of Summer!). The vinyl sticks to your skin, and when you get out of the car it feels like you’re peeling yourself off the seat. 

It even has that “sweaty” feeling even when the temperature gauge lowers, which can be unpleasant at the best of times. Vinyl car seat covers can also have a cheap appearance.

Leather Car Seat Covers

Leather seat covers generally look far superior to their cheap vinyl counterparts. And that makes sense, as they’re much more expensive. However, just like vinyl, leather covers are easy to clean. 

But they share a similar problem with vinyl: they can get hot and uncomfortable in very warm weather (and chilly when the temperature plunges). Even worse, prolonged exposure to the hot sun can make leather covers crack, unless you spend time and effort to maintain them.

Denim Car Seat Covers

Denim is another heavy-duty material designed to protect your seat. While it’s not quite as hardy or durable as canvas, it does give first rate protection against mud, grease and whatever else ends up on your seats. It does provide a more comfortable experience than canvas, which makes this a perfect mix for vehicles that see both daily city driving and time out back.

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Perfect for colder climes, sheepskin seat covers will keep your warm in a cold winter. When the mercury rises, however, it’s the worst choice you could make, with the thickness of the cover trapping heat around you. 

More expensive than most other materials, sheepskin seat covers have one safety-critical problem: they can obstruct side airbags from opening properly, rendering them useless if an accident occurs.

Canvas Car Seat Covers

For the ultimate in seat protection, you can’t go past a canvas seat cover. Their tough material can take an absolute beating from practically anything you throw at it. Durable and waterproof, canvas seat covers are often the choice of 4x4ers, commercial vehicle drivers and even those using vehicles on industrial sites.

Unlike vinyl, canvas doesn’t stick to your skin. The only drawback is that it’s slightly rough feel makes it a little less comfortable than other materials.

If you’re after the right cover for your 4x4, commercial van or bus, truck or tractor, contact us today, and we’ll help you track down what you’re chasing